Disappointed Livni mum on coalition options

After winning an estimated 6 seats for her party in Tuesday’s election, an outwardly disappointed Tzipi Livni remained mum on whether she planned to join the next government coalition, but hinted that advancing the peace process would remain her top priority.
“It’s no secret that we entered the race late, and no secret that we thought that the issue we believe in and will not stop believing in for a moment – the diplomatic issue – would have greater support, but that’s democracy,” Livni said in her party’s Tel Aviv headquarters, flanked by the five other members of her party that will accompany her to the Knesset: Amram Mitza, Amir Peretz, Elazar Stern, Meir Sheetrit and David Tzur.
Though the Tzipi Livni party laid out core principals of peace, social justice, environment and religious pluralism in its platform, the peace process was the only one Livni mentioned on Wednesday. The emphasis on the peace process was perhaps the largest difference between her campaign agenda and that of Yair Lapid, whose Yesh Atid party outperformed the polls to become the second-largest party.