Doctors demand protection from, compensation for radiation

Radiation is no longer confined only to hospital radiology institutes for diagnosis of various disorders and treating cancer; it is being utilized in operating theaters, catheterization rooms and various other departments and thus endangers doctors and other medical staffers, the Israel Medical Association said on Thursday.
Services at some of the places where they are employed were disrupted due to the absence of doctors who attended an assembly at Tel Aviv’s Eretz Yisrael Museum from mid-morning to mid-afternoon; the event was held to discuss risks and demand Treasury recognition for their efforts during the current campaign for a new wage agreement.
IMA chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman, an anesthesiologist who spends much time in surgical theaters, protested the fact that many physicians are not recognized as at-risk professionals  exposed to radiation. He said that hospital maintenance and supervision of radiation machinery is poor and puts the doctors at risk. Eidelman maintained that previous wage agreements did not take into account that technological advances make radiation much more widespread and poses greater risks.
The IMA chairman said that starting in July -- current sanctions began two months ago -- the doctors will function "according to the book" (strict regulations) and will consider actions regarding their exposure to radiation.