Doron Barzilai elected new Bar association president

The Israel Bar Association has a new president after Doron Barzilai, beat out incumbent Yori Geiron, in elections held Wednesday.
At the end of lively campaign Barzilai (41), who for the past four years served as the head of the association’s Tel Aviv branch, came out on top with 7,561 votes against Geiron’s 6,157.
Just under 15,000 association members cast their ballots in the elections out of a total of roughly 50,000 who are entitled to vote.
“We have a lot of work ahead of us. I congratulate all the winning candidates, and those who lost. The bar association can boast that thousands took part in a dignified democratic process. Now is the time to unite and put our differences behind us,” said Barzilai after the announcement of the results on Thursday. “In order to meet the challenges ahead of us, we must create a united camp.”