Drunken car chase ends with prison sentence

The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Baqa El Garbiyeh resident Sami Masri to 56 months in prison on Tuesday for a long list of traffic and criminal offenses.
In December 2009, a drunken Masri ran seven red lights, leading police volunteers on a wild car chase, which ended only after they shot out his tires, causing him to come to a stop and then chased him down on foot. Masri was driving without a license as it had been revoked for other driving offenses four years earlier.
During the chase, Masri twice dodged past police cars that tried to block his path and in one of the instances aimed his vehicle directly at the volunteer who was motioning for him to pull over, narrowly missing him.
Masri plead guilty to the charges as well as charges of breaking and entering, theft, and attempted vehicular assault, which were hanging in a separate trial, in a plea bargain.