Druse security prisoner free after 27 years in Israeli jail

After 27 years in Israeli prison for security offenses, a Druse native of Majdal Shams was released by the Israel Prison Services (IPS) on Wednesday.
The IPS would not elaborate on exactly what 45-year-old Sedki al-Maket was arrested for, saying only that he took part in “crimes that were harmful to the State of Israel.”
Syria’s SANA news agency said Wednesday that al-Maket was arrested in August 1985 for “resisting the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights."
The IPS said al-Maket had served the entire length of his service and was not let out as part of an early release.
Al-Maket will likely return to his hometown of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights, where the majority of the town’s citizens retain Syrian citizenship.