El Al flights delayed by striking pilots

Three El Al flights were delayed till Tuesday morning on Monday night, due to what the company described as the "non-availability of the flight staff."
The three flights delayed were LY075 to Hong Kong, LY027 to Newark and LY001 to New York.
Sanctions seemed to be occurring in an organized and illegal manner, without a legally declared labor dispute, a statement from El Al said. Pilots refused to show up for work and failed to answer messages, phone calls and even telegrams, the firm added.
As a result, El Al representatives appealed to the Labor Court on Monday night, requesting orders that the pilots return to work. Tel Aviv Labor Court judge Yitzhak Lubotzky instructed the El Al Workers Committee to refrain from disruptive action, adding that an urgent discussion would take place on the matter on Tuesday morning.
"El Al apologizes to customers affected and is working to bring passengers to their destinations as soon as possible and find them alternatives," a statement from the company said.
In response to the situation, a statement from the El Al Pilots Committee said that the pilots were not, in fact, on strike. Rather, the company has grounded 23 pilots since last Thursday, causing a shortage of flight stage, according to the committee. For example, 777 planes are experiencing a 25-percent shortage of first officers, the statement continued.
"El Al pilots continue and will continue to provide support to the extent possible, despite baseless and tasteless statements and allegations," the committee said.
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