Ex-Pakistani leader admits mistakes while in power

LONDON — Pakistan's ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf has apologized for mistakes made during his last term in office as he launched a bid to return to power.
Musharraf told scores of cheering supporters on Friday that some of his decisions had negative repercussions for his nation of 175 million. But the leader who stepped down in 2008 amid protests and under the threat of impeachment stopped short of specifying what the mistakes had been. Critics have accused him of doing little to improve Pakistan's stagnant economy and not doing enough to clean up the political infighting that has plagued the country.
"I take this opportunity to apologize," he said. "Human beings make mistakes."
The 67-year-old former leader spoke as he launched a new political party, arguing that the current leadership offers no hope of alleviating the "darkness that prevails in Pakistan." He said under his government there would be progress in every field.