Fierce gun battle erupts on border of Texas, Mexico

US authorities have announced that American law enforcement officials exchanged nearly 300 rounds of gunfire with suspected drug runners in the latest battle against smugglers penetrating the Mexico-US border, the Washington Post reported Friday. Only six rounds came from the Mexican suspects themselves.
According to the report, the smugglers were attempting to bring marijuana across the Rio Grande into the United States. Having learned from past mistakes, the drug-runners now keep rafts in the American side of the Rio Grande nearby so that if they need to flee back to Mexico they can bring their load with them instead of losing it to American officials.
This is what happened Thursday, when law enforcement showed up, except that this time the smugglers were already back on the Mexican side and began throwing stones and firing rounds. US officials returned fire.
The Texas Department of Public Safety said the the fierce response was standard US zero tolerance policy when guns are pointed at law enforcement.
According to the report, since January 2010 at least a double such exchanges have been documented, resulting in no injuries on the American side.