French Finance Minister: Israel needs the support of Europe against Iran

The French Minister of Finance and Economy Bruno Le Maire promised that France would always oppose an economic boycott of Israel, and called for European support against Iran, according to The Jerusalem Post's sister publication Maariv.
"France will not negotiate Israel's security," Le Maire said at the First ELNET International Policy Conference, held in Paris, Wednesday. "Israel needs the support of the European countries against Iran."
Le Maire compared antisemitism to anti-Zionism, and added that France is interested in increasing the scope of their trade relations with Israel.
"When I met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, we agreed to double the amount of trade between France and Israel, and that trade relations between Israel and France will become much closer than they are today," Le Maire said. "This means that we will never agree to a boycott of Israel's products under any circumstances. France will always refuse such a boycott."