German Jewish leader plans to not run for second term

Berlin - Charlotte Knobloch, the 77-year-old head of Germany's CentralCouncil of Jews, will not pursue a second four-year term as head ofGermany's 120,000 registered members, according to media reports onWednesday.  Central Council insiders told The Jerusalem Postlast year that Knobloch will be a one-term president. Dieter Graumann,the Israeli-born vice president of the council, said, however, that heis not aware of Knobloch's decision to retire.
A number ofGerman Jews have expressed disaffection with Knobloch's leadershipstyle. Critics charge her with being aloof and focusing on tangentialissues. In 2009, she threatened to boycott a Holocaust remembranceevent in the German Parliament because she was not seated in the firstrow and formally welcomed in the speech of Parliament's president.  Shetook over the reins of the central council in 2006 after the death ofPaul Spiegel.
As with all of her predecessors in the position,Knobloch experienced  the Shoah first-hand. Knobloch lives in Munichand oversees the Jewish community in the Bavarian capital. She played adecisive role in rebuilding a semblance of Jewish life in Munich andwas instrumental in integrating former Russian Jews into the community.It is presumed that the next president of the Central Council will be anon-survivor.