Governor of Mexico State thanks ZAKA for copter crash help

Governorof Mexico State Enrique Peña Nieto, in Israel as head of aMexican government delegation, met Wednesday at his request with theteam of ZAKA volunteers who assisted in the recovery mission at thesite of the helicopter crash in Mexico City earlier this month inwhich Mexican businessman Moises Saba and family were killed.

TheZAKA delegation left Mexico for the Haiti quake disaster immediatelyafter completing their work at the crash site, flying with theMexican delegation to Port-au-Prince.

Duringthe meeting, attended by the ZAKA International Rescue Unit head MatiGoldstein, the governor expressed his gratitude for theprofessionalism and dedication of the ZAKA volunteers.

Hecommented that members of the Mexican delegation to Haiti told him ofthe close cooperation with the ZAKA delegation on the ground,including in the rescue of several survivors from the collapseduniversity building. The governor added that he would investigateother areas of continued cooperation with ZAKA and promised to offerhis support for the establishment of a ZAKA international rescue unitin Mexico.