Gush Shalom: Gov't group to blame for Dutch cancellation

Gush Shalom wrote a barbed letter to the head of the Local Government Association Shlomo Buhbut on Sunday, in response to the the Dutch government which cancelled on Sunday a planned tour of Israeli council heads in the Netherlands due to the participation of representatives from settlements beyond the Green Line.
"Your association has fully earned the public humiliation of having the Dutch Government refuse to receive its delegation, which included the municipal heads of such West Bank settlements as Kiryat Arba, Efrat and Oranit," read the letter.
"You have submitted to the Dutch what purported to be a list of heads of municipalities in Israel, wishing to hold an official visit there. It was no great feat to ascertain that some of them were not at all from Israel, but from the settlements in Occupied Territory which are outside the borders of Israel."