HaYamin HeHadash on Amona: Netanyahu should evacuate Khan al-Ahmar today

HaYamin HeHadash responded to the evacuation of the outpost Amona on Thursday morning, saying, "We call on the Prime Minister to evacuate illegal Arab structures in Khan al-Ahmar today."
"The law is the law is the law," HaYamin expounded in a press release following the report of the evacuation.
"The selective enforcement against only Jews in Amona, in the face of the fear of evacuating illegal and unrestrained Arab construction in Khan al-Ahmar, portrays the Israeli Government's weakness and hesitation vis-a-vis the Palestinians, and undermines the State of Israel’s deterrence.
"Shaked and Bennett were the only ones in the Security Cabinet (21.10.18) who opposed the postponement of the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar, while Netanyahu and Lieberman voted to postpone the evacuation to an unknown date.
"We call upon the Prime Minister to fulfill his promise today,"