Health basket recommendations okayed

The National Health Council on Sunday approved recommendations for expanding the basket of health services provided by the public health funds for 2018. Such approval of the health basket committee’s recommendations is pro forma.
The NIS 460m. in medical technologies were presented by committee chairman Prof. Ronni Gamzu. The council also approved the addition of NIS 40m. to increase basic dental-care coverage for those up to the age of 16, instead of the 15-year cutoff that was in effect in 2017.
The Health Ministry said 140,000 more children will now be entitled to free or subsidized basic dental services. Of the 2.4 million children who were eligible in 2016, just 700,000 took advantage of the dental treatment at their health fund clinics or affiliated facilities during that year.
The Health Council called on the government to increase future annual additions to the basket and to set a fixed annual percentage incremental rise. This has long been opposed by the Finance Ministry, which determines the increase each year.