Herzog: 'Campaign police' are coming after me

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog addressed suspicions that he allegedly violated campaign contribution laws during the Labor Party's 2013 primary race and the storm that was caused in the Israeli media on Monday morning when pictures emerged of him eating breakfast with Attorney-General Avichai Mandleblit, the person responsible for the probe into the allegations.
Speaking at the Israel Bar Association conference in Eilat, Herzog jested about the picture of him and Mandleblit, saying, "We had a nice conversation about the omelet and salad."
Defending himself before the corruption allegations against him, Herzog said, "Anyone who works with me knows that I am a stickler for transparency, fairness and public ethics. In fact, all my life I have been charged with not moving [fast], that I don't cut corners, that I don't take part in back door business moves. Precisely because of this they called me a nerd."
Herzog said that in recent years there are those trying to push the police to open up a new unit, "The campaign police."
"The method has been used over and over: Always on the eve of elections, or when a failing coalition is on the verge of collapse, a complaint emerges, and immediately hundreds of thousands of Whatsapp messages are distributed with exclusive, secret information, immediately rumors, inventions and blood libels are thrown in the air."
Herzog vowed not to let this happen. "I will not allow anyone here to establish a 'campaign police.' We have reached an age in which we have abandoned all of our values for campaigns."
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