Herzog on Taub economic report: This is a 'red card' for Netanyahu

Head of Labor and leader of the opposition Isaac Herzog pointed the finger at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after troubling economic data was released on Wednesday in the Taub Center for Social Policy’s 2014 State of the Nation report.
The report concluded that Israeli households across all population groups are having trouble making ends meet. The main problem, according to the report, was the high cost of housing, which pushed expenditures over the edge.
"The Taub Center report is a red card for Netanyahu who has caused the entire state to be in overdraft," Herzog wrote. 
Netanyahu's economic policies, "have turned the lives of most of Israelis into a day-to-day survival race, as the capital that he promised would trickle down, never reached the middle class and the weaker sectors of society," the Labor leader said.
Herzog said that what is needed to improve the economic situation is Netanyahu's ouster, which would lead to, "a new set of priorities that would remove Israel from the social-economic muck that it is stuck in."
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