High court rejects appeal submitted against SSTO head Erez

The High Court of Justice sharply criticized the conduct of Secondary School Teachers Organization (SSTO) head Ran Erez on Thursday following a probe which revealed that he was paid for classes in an Ashdod school at which he never taught. However, the court rejected an appeal submitted against Erez by SSTO member Shlomo Cohen, saying there was no need for judicial intervention after disciplinary measures were taken by the SSTO. The court said it was never proven that Erez acted deliberately in order to continue receiving the payments. The probe further found that Erez asked the school every year to schedule classes for him to teach but never showed up. He was also defined as a coordinator of the gym classes and this was reflected in his pay, even though this, too, was a position he never actively filled. The court found Erez's conduct to be "a wrong and prolonged tactic exploited by a state employee who gets paid without fulfilling his duties. This behavior reflects bad conduct for any state employee," but in Erez's case is even worse, "because he heads a large organization and is expected to be an example to its members."