Hospital runaway mother dies

Doctors at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera managed to save the life of a baby born during her mother’s 31st week of pregnancy, but the woman died from a severe collapse of all her bodily systems, the hospital announced on Tuesday.
The newborn is in good condition.
The woman, in her early 20s, arrived at the hospital three weeks ago complaining of stomach pain and nausea. She had just returned from Europe where she was hospitalized, but decided to leave of her own volition even though she felt unwell.
The woman was admitted to Hillel Yaffe where she was carefully examined and found to have a serious infection. She started antibiotic treatment and was advised to remain in the high-risk pregnancy unit for intensive supervision. Despite her condition the woman left for home.
The next day, she returned to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure and multi-organ failure. She was attached to a respirator after being anesthetized.
Although obstetricians were able to deliver her baby, a multi-discipline team was unable to save the woman after she suffered from a brain edema on Tuesday.