IDF Chief of Staff: We will not allow harm to befall the State of Israel

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi assured the citizens of Israel that the IDF will not allow harm to befall the country during a speech at an annual memorial ceremony for soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade who fell in battle on Monday.
"We will not allow harm to the State of Israel, and if [something] will happen, we will respond powerfully," said Kochavi. "The IDF is a strong army, offensive and responsible, that acts in many fields, in all dimensions, and actively fulfills its mission: an army that protects Israel."
Kochavi referred to the past summer as eventful but relatively quiet, pointing to thwarted terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip, West Bank and northern border. He stressed that the IDF is prepared for any challenge.
"We know that it's on us to be prepared and relevant to present and future challenges, the scope of the forces, the type of units and the methods of combat," said Kochavi. "Security challenges have been placed against the State of Israel in the past and are placed before us today as well...The citizens of Israel can continue their daily routine, in the prosperous and special country established here. This is a reality that was made possible by the generations of combat soldiers, those who fell in battle and the soldiers and commanders of the IDF."