IDF holds conference concluding Cast Lead lessons

A conference regarding the lessons learned as a result of Operation Cast Lead took place Monday for the commanders of the IDF's operational units. The conference was convened by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi at the Glilot Base. Participants included senior members of the General Staff, division commanders, heads of the different IDF Corps, battalion commanders and their counterparts in the air and naval forces. The head of the Gaza Regional Division, Brig. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg, briefed the conference on the various stages of the operation and the conclusions derived from the investigations conducted in his division and in the Southern Command. After the general findings were presented, participants noted the operational investigations conducted within their units. The participants also emphasized the need to continue studying the operation in order to identify weaknesses and to strengthen the operational advantages discovered so as to implement them during training for future military operations. Ashkenazi concluded the conference: "This is a process meant to conclude Operation Cast Lead. Each and every one of us is required to convert the statements made into actual work plans and to implement them in our units. This is the forum that takes upon itself the operational missions of the IDF in any situation. The enemy learns lessons; it sees the actions we have taken and is constantly working towards narrowing the gap between us. Our preparations for an operation are a central part of achieving victory."