Inquiry commission to examine narrowly averted train collision

Israel Railways CEO Haki Harel decided Tuesday to establish an external commission of inquiry to examine a mishap in the Acre station where a passenger train sped through a red light. No one was hurt in the incident. The train, a double-deck type with five carriages, was traveling on a single rail when an empty train was driving in the opposite direction. The passenger train was halted by an automated security system installed on the rails, which is intended to prevent occurrences such as the one on Tuesday morning from ending in tragedy. Harel also immediately suspended the train's team and said he did not rule out that the commission might find fault in their performance. It will be the first such inquiry commission which is not entirely internal. Israel Railways professionals will make up the bulk of it, but it will also include a regulator from the Transportation Ministry who will serve as an observer and be updated on the details of the inquiry.