Report: International Muslim Brotherhood establishing new world-wide Islamist group

A new organization called the “Islamic Council” is currently being formed, which will seek to form an alliance of all currents of political Islam, according to sources close to the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Sunday that the new organization would like to open up branches in all countries of the world in order to support Islamists in their quest for power.
Conferences were held recently with various Egyptian Islamist leaders last week in Turkey and Pakistan along with the participation of Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Plans were agreed upon to support the rise to power of Islamist groups, said the sources.
The Islamic Council will serve to mediate and resolve any conflicts between Islamic governments and groups, or between Islamist movements themselves.
Conditions for joining the Council will be published in a few days and a new branch will be opened in Egypt and be managed by Salafis.