Iran shuts schools, offices in Tehran due to high pollution

DUBAI - Schools, universities and government offices will be closed in Iran's capital Tehran on Tuesday and Wednesday because of high air pollution, the state news agency reported on Monday.
Tehran's governor Morteza Tamadon said hospitals and banks would remain open, however, but told residents to avoid unnecessary travel, IRNA news agency reported.
Levels of pollution caused mainly by vehicle fumes have risen in the past few days in Tehran and some other big cities. The problem is worst in the capital because of its location wedged between two mountains where polluted air becomes trapped.
IRNA said schools and universities in Arak, main city of the western Markazi province, had been closed on Monday and would remain shut on Tuesday.
Authorities in Tehran often order the closure of schools and government offices in autumn, when the air is stiller and high pollution levels cause health problems. (Reporting by Zahra Hosseinian; Editing by Pravin Char)