Iran ups stock of slightly higher enriched uranium

TEHERAN, Iran  — Iran's nuclear chief said his country has increased the stockpile of uranium it began enriching to higher levels last year in defiance of UN demands to halt the program.
Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi, who is also Iran's acting foreign minister, said Iran now has 40 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent.
Iran reported a stockpile of 30 kilograms in October.
Uranium enriched to 20 percent is enough to produce fuel for a medical research reactor but far below the more than 90 percent required to build fissile material for nuclear warheads.
A deal for the West to provide fuel for the reactor has all but fallen apart in the deadlock over Iran's broader nuclear program.
Western powers fear Iran wants to build bombs and is not peaceful as Teheran has said.