Israel below Europe, above US, in work vacation days

According to various research studies, Israeli employers tend to stick to the minimum set by law, so that the average number of vacation days the Israeli employee is entitled to is only 14 or 15.
Since the employer is obligated to pay employees for at least 9 holiday vacation days, the average number of total vacation days an Israeli employee receives is only 19. This puts Israel in an unflattering position compared with Europe, where the conservative UK grants an average of 28 vacation days, and generous France grants an average of 37 vacation days. Israel can take comfort in the knowledge that the average number of vacation days in the US is only 17.
Former Histradrut Legal Bureau Chief of the Trade Union Department Adv. Naomi Landau said that after taking into consideration the days of absence for vacation and for Jewish holidays, the Israeli employee is actually in a good situation. "Many places of work, for example, understand that the days in the middle of the Passover and Succot holidays are not efficient work days, and therefore they close the office for these periods and the employee and the employer each pay for one vacation day," Landau said.