Israel complains to UN over Kassams

Israel complains to UN o

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev lodged a complaint with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday regarding a rise in terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip in the last month. She said that Palestinians had launched some 13 Kassam rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel throughout the month of September. Many attempts to plant bombs along the Gaza border were foiled by IDF troops, she added. Shalev's complaint came after the army escalated its response to the Kassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, bombing a weapons manufacturing plant in the heart of Gaza City on Saturday for the first time since Operation Cast Lead. The upgrade in the IDF's response followed last week's decision to begin targeting rocket launchers in addition to terrorist cells that are preparing to fire rockets into Israel. While the IDF has maintained a policy of responding to rocket attacks since Cast Lead ended nine months ago, the responses have been against smuggling tunnels. Saturday morning's air strike was the first time that a building was bombed in Gaza since the operation. Defense officials said Hamas was still preventing its operatives from participating in Kassam rocket attacks. The group, the officials said, was also making efforts to curb other terrorist groups from firing rockets. Meanwhile, in related news, a Palestinian smuggler was killed in the collapse of a tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border later Friday morning. Palestinian health official Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Gaza Health Ministry said the man killed was 25 years old. Hassanain said 127 people have died in the tunnels since 2007. Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.