Israel Postal Company launches new service to change addresses

Israel Postal Company la

From now on, people who move will not have to inform dozens of institutions, organizations and companies of their new address. Now the Israel Postal Company offers the Ovrim Dira (moving to a new apartment) service - an upgrade of the current service, which transfers mail to the new address and is free for half a year (after which there is a fee to continue), but does not inform the senders that the recipient has moved. For NIS 63.10 over a 10-month period, the Postal Company will now contact those who send mail to the old address and inform them directly where the person has moved so they can change their records. In the interim, it will also send mail marked with the old address to the new one. One can sign up at any post office by filling in a form or calling the company's 171 number. Customers will get a code by SMS that enables them to list the institutions they want to be informed of their new location. One can also add to the list via the Postal Company Web site.