Israel security forces beef up presence in wake of recent attacks

Amid fears of public disturbances and possible terror attacks in response to the murder of Dawabsha, the Israel Police placed their officers on high-alert across the country, following a situation assessment held by the organization’s top leadership on Friday.
Police said in a statement Friday that for the time being they will deploy thousands of police, Border Police officers, and volunteer police at entertainment centers across the country and will beef-up the number of operators working emergency dispatch centers, as a means of “increasing the sense of public security.”
Following Friday’s meeting, the head of the police operations branch Assistant Chief Aharon Aksel ordered police districts across the country to step up their enforcement operations against Palestinian laborers illegally residing in Israel, as well as Israelis employing or assisting them in other ways.
In addition, police said they will also reexamine the security preparations for major events and summer festivals in the coming days, and deploy extra police, both in uniform and plainclothes.