Israel Survey: More students working full time

The number of students who work full-time jobs during their studies jumped 10 percent this year, according to an annual Student Union survey released Monday.
“Today, the learning programs at public universities and colleges, where the student stipend is low and controlled, hardly takes into account working students,” said Student Union chairman Gilad Arditi, calling the system “ridiculous.”
The survey found that 81% of all students worked while studying, and a nine-hour increase in average number of hours worked.
Roughly three quarters of students who didn’t work reported that they were in programs that forbid students to hold jobs.
Many students relied on their parents to help cover costs.
Some 48% received some parental financial assistance during their studies, amounting to an average of NIS 14,309 per student per year.
Meanwhile, working students only managed to take in an average of NIS 3,742 each month, though students who worked only in the summer took in average salaries of NIS 4,874, which is close to the minimum wage.
The Student Union said it would take the survey’s findings into account as it develops policy recommendations for student welfare.
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