Israeli NGO petitions High Court to prevent limitations on protests

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel, an Israeli NGO, petitioned the High Court of Justice to stop limitations on protests approved by the Knesset Wednesday morning.
The movement asked for an urgent discussion on the matter and asked that enforcement of the law be delayed until the High Court rules on the issue.
The movement said that "the law undermines one of the clear, fundamental rights in a democratic society." The movement went on to say that "heath concerns are not what motivate this decision."
The court responded saying that the State must give a topical to response to the NGO by October 10.
Various protest movements put out a joint statement saying that the law "is meant to quiet public criticism on the terrible failure of the government at handling the coronavirus crisis." The statement went on to say that the movements will "continue to protest in solidarity while observing health and safety guidelines. From 300 protests at intersections we will grow into 3,000 protests in neighborhoods."