Israeli NGO’s pro-Brexit campaign joins debate among British expats

Israeli right-wing NGO Regavim on Monday joined the debate on whether or not the UK should leave the European Union releasing a new video supporting what is known as “Brexit” given the EU’s aid to Palestinians.
Regavim, a legal watchdog organization that advocates for accountable use of Israel’s national land, launched a website titled “Support Israel – Leave Europe,” and released a video featuring a fake Hamas press conference in which masked terrorists talk about how helpful the EU has been to them.
“The UK must stay in the EU,” they say. “The Zionist-controlled media will tell you it’s a waste of money… They’re wrong; it’s worth every penny.”
The faux-Hamas spokesman hailed the EU for constructing buildings for Palestinians in Area C.
“They tell the Zionists not to build, then they build little European colonies on that very land… No permits, no planning permission, totally illegal according to international law, and they even fly EU flags on those buildings as an extra FU – I mean EU to the Zionists,” he says.
The masked man also praises the EU policy of labeling products from the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Golan Heights, saying they’re “labeling Jew products to encourage the boycott of the Zionist entity” and compare it to the Nazi boycott of Jewish products.
In addition, he says EU aid money to the Palestinians goes to Hamas’s terror tunnels and supporting terrorists in prison.
“Every day that you stayed, we continue to get paid,” the fake Hamas man declares in the video.
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