Israeli supermarkets to raise price of products in November

Some supermarket chains announced on Wednesday that they are to raise the prices of their products in November.
Super-Sol Ltd., Israel's biggest supermarket chain, announced in a statement that the prices of thousands of products will rise by 4% on average.
Super-sol emphasized that the company itself would absorb most of the increase in prices in order to reduce the impact on consumers. It added that a significant portion of private label products would be left at the current price, and that they would not be raised in the near future.
Israel Radio reported that following the statement, other chains announced they would also raise their products. "Mega" supermarket chain noted that their price hike would only apply to new products.
In response to the price hikes, cottage cheese boycott leader Itzik Alrov said chains and food manufacturers cooperated together to increase the price of products, and make life difficult for millions of citizens, Israel Radio reported.
Alrov called on consumers to channel their energy into supporting small, local Israeli manufacturers and reducing their usage of bigger chains, according to Israel Radio.
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