Jewish groups raise funds for Peres Center for Peace

The World Congress of Georgian Jews (WCGJ) and Euro-Asian Jewish Congress held a fund-raiser for the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa on Monday night event aimed at collecting money for the center’s coexistence projects.
About 200 people including WCJF President Gabriel Mirilashvili and EAJC head Alexander Machkevitch took part in the event.
“Our aim at the center is to support dialogue and co-existence,” a spokeswoman for the Peres Center for Peace said. “We already do on a day-to-day basis that but we’d like to further amplify that. We have projects dealing in sports, education and agriculture but if we seek to exapnd we need more funds."
Earlier on Monday, Mirilashvili's organization launched a new Jewish social network called Kololam.
Besides allowing Jews from different countries to network with their coreligionists abroad, the service will provide open access to a Jewish library and news coverage of Jewish events around the world