JNF: 'Stop the Hatred' Day in opposition to BDS

NEW YORK – The Jewish National Fund declared Wednesday, March 30 “Stop the Hatred” Day, imploring its supporters to take action through various avenues to thwart attempts to demonize Israel, in a counter-attack against the world-declared BDS Day against Israel.
JNF’s statement to the press reads, “We will not hide inside our Blue Boxes or under our trees.  We are proud of Israel and proud of our work. We will not stay silent. We will use this day of attack to make clear the stark comparison between them and us. Simply put: They Destroy, We Build.”
Detractors of Israel, the press release states, destroy by promoting divestment; by creating divisions between Israeli Jews, Bedouins, Arabs and Druze with falsehood and innuendo; by fomenting hatred with Israel Apartheid Week; and by claiming legal disputes in Israel are tantamount to uprisings in the Arab world.
The JNF asked supporters to hang Israeli flags, wear blue and white, sign petitions to US Secretary State Hillary Clinton, show support on Facebook and Twitter, contact Congress members and urge them to support Israel, and to plant trees in Israel.