Joint List leader Odeh: ‘Abu-Yair, incitement has a price’

Joint List leader Ayman Odeh spoke on Channel 12 and told ‘Abu-Yair,’ meaning Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu who is the father of Yair Netanyahu, that “incitement has a price.” 
Netanyahu has a checkered history of making provocative statements about Arab-Israelis. 
On Tuesday, he warned that “Arabs and Leftists,” meaning Jewish-Israelis who oppose his views, are voting “in masses.” 
Yair Netanyahu is known for maintaining a provocative online presence. On Election Day, he re-tweeted an image of Muslim people in line to vote with the caption “wake up! The ballots in [the Arab] sector are breaking every record…we must win in the Right!”
It was revealed the photo is from the elections in Turkey, not in Israel. 
Abu, in Arabic “father of,” is a way of addressing someone in a respectful way.