Kadima MK Boim slams PM's conduct in fire aftermath

MK Ze'ev Boim (Kadima) responded to the findings of State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss's report on Israel's fire prevention preparedness on Wednesday, calling for the immediate resignation of the cabinet ministers found to share responsibility for the failure of the Fire and Rescue Service to respond quickly and effectively to the Carmel fires.
"There is no need for a cumbersome inquiry commission to waste time further. It is incumbent upon the relevant ministers to resign immediately," Boim said in a statement.Boim saved his greatest criticism in particular for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
"The prime minister is trying to hold the staff by both ends: He tried to make a farce of the report; he tries to prevent the establishment of a committee of inquiry and he also won't fire the relevant ministers in the name of personal ministerial responsibility," said Boim.
He continued, "every citizen at this moment should be very worried and needs to ask himself how much public funds will be used now by the prime minister to buy off a political majority to prevent the formation of an investigative committee."
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