'Kinneret rises to less than 2 meters from full capacity'

With stormy weather on the horizon for the next few days, the country’s water basins have crept to promising levels already this rainy winter – the Kinneret now lacking less than 2 meters of water from full capacity.
By Monday morning, the Kinneret reached 210.78 meters below sea level, just 1.98 meters from the “upper red line,” or the line that indicates full capacity, data from the Water Authority’s Hydrological Services said. This represented a rise of 2 centimeters from the previous morning’s readings, when the lake lacked 2 meters exactly following a stormy Saturday night.
During the nearly weeklong storm that pounded Israel earlier this month, the Kinneret rose 73 centimeters alone, an increase that was unparalleled for this period of time in two decades, the Water Authority said at the time. All in all this January, the basin has risen 1.1 meters, and during the entire winter season thus far – 1.65 meters, Water Authority spokesman Uri Schor told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. It is likely that the Kinneret level will peak this season at about half a meter below the upper red line, according to Schor.