Labor party awaits count of vote on primary date

Voting at the Labor Party convention came to and end on Friday afternoon, with results expected later in the day, prior to the start of the Sabbath.
Labor party members voted on the date for the party’s next leadership race and whether to hold a special membership drive ahead of the primary.
Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich’s proposal entails holding the election on November 21 without a special membership drive in advance. MKs Isaac Herzog, Eitan Cabel and Erel Margalit, her expected opponents in the race, all want to have such a drive but bickered over the past few days over a date for the primary.
After considering dates in February and March, they ultimately decided on January 21, two months after Yacimovich wants the race to be held.
Margalit said Friday at the convention that if Yacimovich's proposal passes, Labor would become "a party of losers." He quipped that a vote for her proposal was "a vote for Yair Lapid."
Yacimovich said that her opponent's suggested date would entail a seven-month long election campaign, bringing "unnecessary blood to the party."