Lebanon detains two suspected of smuggling arms to Syria

BEIRUT- Lebanese authorities have detained two Lebanese men suspected of smuggling weapons and ammunition to insurgents in neighboring Syria, a judicial source said on Tuesday.
The source said a Lebanese military prosector issued an order authorizing continued detention of the two men over suspected trafficking in weapons and ammunition via the town of Arsal near the Lebanese-Syrian border.
Syria, which dominated Lebanon politically and through its intelligence apparatus after the 1975-1991 Lebanese civil war, has demanded its neighbor rein in the movement of weapons across the border to the insurgency that has developed during an 11-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad.
The uprising has deepened pre-existing splits between Syria's foes and allies in Lebanon. The Shi'ite Muslim guerrilla group and political movement Hezbollah is seen as supporting Syria. Last year it pulled out of a government led by an anti-Syrian bloc.