Liberman: Hamas responsible for rocket fire from Gaza

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Sunday placed the blame for continued rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel on Hamas, warning that Israel would respond to attacks leveled against its citizens.
Speaking to Army Radio, Liberman said of the more than 100 rockets fired into Israel since Friday, "there is no doubt that as far as we are concerned Hamas is the responsible party."
Hostilities began on Friday afternoon when the Israel Air Force bombed a car in Gaza killing Zuhair Qaisi , the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, and another top terrorist in the organization. The IDF said it decided to bomb Qaisi’s car due to intelligence that he was plotting a large terrorist attack along the border with Egypt, similar to the one the PRC carried out last August that killed eight Israelis.
Liberman warned Sunday that despite the assassination of Zuhair, the terror attack which he had been planning could still be carried out. The IDF decided on Friday to close Route 12 – which runs along the border with Egypt – due to fears that the planned attack might still take place.
"I suggest that the leaders of terror organizations give the proper consideration to their actions and understand that despite our desire for restraint, we will respond," Liberman warned.
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