Likud MK Sharren Haskel express support for Gideon Sa'ar

Likud MK Sharren Haskel announced on her Facebook page on Sunday that she would be supporting MK Gideon Sa'ar in the battle between Sa'ar and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the leadership of the party.
"When I was elected to serve in the Knesset four and a half years ago, I promised to act according to three principles: the good of the state and its citizens, the good of the Likud and the possibility to progress the national-liberal ideology that I stand for," said Haskel. "Along the way there were incidents when I had to give up on things that I believe in, because it was for the good of the Likud, although in every decision I made, in every action I did, in every vote and every initiative, these were the lines I placed for myself."
The decision wasn't easy, said Haskell, as she greatly appreciates Netanyahu, but she pointed out how the Likud had been given the mandate to form a government twice in the past year and failed both times, leaving a right-wing government at risk.
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