Lindsey Graham in Israel: Trump’s foreign policy worse than Obama’s

If the US presidential race comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, Israel should “pull for Congress,” an institution that “has Israel’s back more than any other institution,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said Tuesday in Jerusalem.
The former presidential candidate headed a six member Congressional delegation on a 24-hour visit to Israel as part of a regional tour that will take them to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The group met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, and will meet Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Wednesday.
“One thing I can say is that the Congress has historically had Israel’s back, and that presidents come and go,” Graham said when asked by The Jerusalem Post who he would favor in a Trump-Clinton race were he an Israeli.
“I’ve been pretty open that I don’t think Donald Trump is a reliable Republican conservative. I think his foreign policy is ill conceived and would be dangerous for the entire world,” he said during a meeting with three journalists.
As for Clinton, Graham said: “I’m not excited about a third term of Barack Obama, and I think in many ways that is what it would represent.”