Livni: Decisions must be made by leaders, not the voting public

Livni Decisions must be

"Elections are the only referendum ... leaders must be voted into office based on a certain world view which they must then implement," said Kadima and opposition leader Tzipi Livni during a visit to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening. "I think it's wrong … to sterilize the whole purpose of decision-making and transfer it all to the public," she said. "He who cannot give up Migron, will lose Gush Etzyon," she said, apparently alluding to the highly controversial referendum bill which, if passed, would enable the public to vote on any proposed withdrawal from territories under Israeli sovereignty. "[Israel's] leaders must make decisions without trying to make it easier by saying 'it is not we who are against this, it's the public,'" said Livni, adding that the whole world would stand behind Israel if the country's leaders played their cards right.