Livni: International campaign of delegitimization aimed at Israel

Livni International cam

The current economic crisis has proven that the international financial system has changed - not only from an economic standpoint, but a political one as well, Opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima) said Monday. Speaking at a business conference in Tel Aviv, Livni said that while Israel has proven itself capable of weathering the economic crisis, a "disturbing international campaign of delegitimization aimed at the Jewish state" has taken root. Some European countries have gone so far as to insert an ideological component even on the purchase of Israeli-made products, she noted. Still, the Kadima chair went on to say that she does not believe that "the whole world is against us and that we must fend for ourselves." Livni added that she believes that the two state solution is in Israel's best interest "without regard to international world opinion."