Livni: Jabotinski would not be proud of Likud

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of selling out the values embedded in the party platform he was elected on, in an interview Tuesday. She said that Likud was originally a liberal nationalist party, but that "when [Israel Beiteinu head Avigdor] Lieberman joined [the coalition] it became right wing and that when it haredim joined it lost its nationalism." Livni added that "[Ze'ev] Jabotinski would not be proud [of the Likud]."
Regarding the political process with the Palestinians, Livni said that Netanyahu does not have the necessary credibility for making a serious push for peace. She asserted that "Israelis don't believe him, the world doesn't believe him and the Palestinians don't believe him." Speaking of her own experience holding negotiations with the Palestinian Authority in her time as foreign minister, Livni said that the negotiations were "hard, but they knew that even when we were having difficult fights, that we wanted to reach a peace agreement. That made it possible to continue." She added that although Netanyahu "speaks strongly, in the end, he weakens Israel."
The Kadima leader also discussed the conditions under which her party would join a reshuffled coalition with Netanyahu's Likud party. She said that in addition to her often-stated condition of political progress with the Palestinians, she has on several occasions informed the prime minister that Kadima would join a coalition that seriously attempted to combat the delegitimization of Israel in the international arena.