Livni Party: Refusal ideology developed in Likud

The original ideology of refusal grew in Likud Beytenu, Tzipi Livni Party MK Yoel Hasson said on Monday.
"High-ups in Likud sold their souls to strike a deal with [Right-wing candidate Moshe] Feiglin, who waves the true refusal flag," Hasson said.
Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett set off a maelstrom of political attacks on Thursday when he appeared to endorse IDF refusal in the case of expelling settlers, saying that he would request not to carry out such orders were he in the position. Likud Beytenu, which views him as a political threat, pounced on his comments in the days since.
"Likud Beytenu is the nest in which the refusal ideology grew, and therefor the ad campaign against Bennett is hypocrisy and nothing more than political spin," Hasson said.