Livni: PM going to US with no vision or plan of action

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Monday harshly criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, stating that "in a number of months a Palestinian State on the 1967 borders will be declared and the prime minister is going to the United States with no vision or plan of action."
Livni's comments came in an address given at the opening of the Knesset's Summer Session, in which the government commemorated the memory of Theodore Herzl. The Kadima leader's comments followed a speech in which Netanyahu laid out the diplomatic platform which he is believed to be taking to the US later this week, where he was scheduled to address the US Congress.
"On this day we are united to defend Israel's sovereignty. Israel's leadership must act to thwart those that do not accept its existence," she stated.
Livni listed Iran's nuclear program and those who attempted to infiltrate Israel's borders during Sunday's Nakba Day as challenges that must be faced.
The opposition leader added that "leadership is not only expecting and warning" against these dangers, but rather "thinking of solutions, and this government has failed in giving answers."
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