Man bites police dog, may face charge of assaulting officer

The world turned upside down for a few fleeting moments in Kfar Saba on Monday night, when a detainee at the local police station pounced on a police dog, and bit the canine cop on its ear.
The incident began a short time earlier, when police came to the man's apartment following a complaint from paramedics that the man was out of control and posing a threat. Police would not comment on why paramedics came to the man's house.
Police said they attempted to reason with the man, but he began to act wildly, pushing the police before pulling out a screwdriver and attempting to stab a volunteer community police officer who was on the scene.
The man was taken to the city's police station, where he continued to try to attack presiding officers. Eventually, he decided to try non-human police, and pounced on the dog, biting its ear until cops were able to free the dog from the man's jaws.
Police said the dog, a German Shepherd, suffered very minor injuries to its ear, and already received treatment.
Police added that the suspect could face charges of assaulting a police officer.