Man charged with killing family rescinds confession at trial

Dimitry Kirilik, who had previously admitted to the October 2009 murders of six members of the Oshrenko family, rescinded his confession at his trial on Sunday at Petah Tikva District Court.
Kirilik claimed that he was pressured by his interrogators into confessing to a murder that he did not commit.
The murder suspect said that his entire family was taken into custody by the police and that he confessed to the crime himself so that they would be released.
Kirilik, 39, is charged with murdering Ludmilla and Edward Oshrenko, both 56, their son Dimitry, 32, and his wife Tatiana, 28, and their children Revital, three, and Natanel, three months old, before attempting to set the house ablaze to destroy evidence linking him to the murder.