Man stabs pregnant wife to death in Galilee

A 29-year-old pregnant woman was stabbed to death in her home by her husband early on Sunday in the Arab village of Arava, in the Galilee, police said. The murder victim has been named as Hala Asala Marhaba.
Police were alerted to the incident by the man's brother, who reported hearing shouts from the home and seeing his brother flee with a knife.
The murder suspect, Fahim Asala Marhaba, 34, had been placed in a psychiatric hospital over a period of two years in the past.
Fahim allegedly stabbed his wife in front of the couple's four young children, and fled the scene on foot. He was arrested by police as he walked along a road in a nearby town covered in blood stains.
After being arrested, Fahim told police he had become enraged during an argument with his wife, and then stabbed her.
Despite his history, the suspect has a firearms license, Hebrew media reported, though he did not carry a gun, as well as a driving license.